Social Media

Jumpstart Your Social Media

Who has time to create business profiles on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest and then (take a deep breath) add friends, post statuses, tweet, re-tweet, pin, comment, follow, like, check-in, etc. while running a business? We do! With Jumpstart's help, your business will conquer the social media masses in no time.

Social Media Management

Jumpstart will determine which social media outlets best suite your company based on your target market and online goals. Then we will streamline the sharing process and launch simultaneous campaigns on the various social networks.

Social Media Advertising

Advertising on Facebook and Twitter can be time consuming and confusing - and if you do not know how to monitor your campaigns, a waste of money. Jumpstart can prevent this by creating targeted campaigns and monitoring their progress.

Social Media Integration

Sometimes, adding a "Like" button can do wonders for a website. Imagine what a targeted variety of social media sharing widgets can do for your website!

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